Allen Sherbal: Born and raised out by the Pacific Ocean in the great City of San Francisco.

I grew up listening to all the great radio stations in the Bay Area, from Big Band to TOP-40. Also as a young child I witnessed the 1960s in Golden Gate Park. In those years is when music became my first love. The Jefferson Airplane,  Malo and Santana played for free in the park and turned out to be my  first collection of 8-track tapes. Needless to say I became addicted to music. Later in life I could not get enough soul music.Then I opened my mind to all types of music. Until this day I love to explore new and old music. 

In 1985 I started working for Good Vibrations Mobile Music in Daly City, California as a sound technician. They had about twelve D.J.s and I would set up the equipment for them. Well, one night I went out with a D.J. they had just hired and when it came time for him to perform he got stage fright. He told me when they hired him, he said he performed as a D.J. before . He confessed to me he had not and he could not perform that night . So that was the night I became a D.J. At the end of the night people came up to me and told me I did a great job and they had a fun time. I knew I wanted to D.J. again. Twenty something years later I am still loving it. I have gone places I would not have been invited to and met alot of great people. Most of my gigs are referral business.

When you hire me for your special event, you are getting a person that loves what he does. Also I bring top of the line professional equipment. All types of music, for all ages. I work together with whoever you have at your event to be part of a great team. We will get together person to person before your event to go over all the fine details.

Also I can teach and perform all kinds of interactive dances and games, if your venue calls for it. Please don't hesitate to contact me and we will get together to see if I am the entertainer for your upcoming event.                                                                       

Until then, whatever your doing, have a "Funtime!"‚Äč

Funtime D.J.             (707) 644-0238